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Study Of Astrology-Vol-9

Study Of Astrology-Vol-9


Ever since man has looked up to the heavens he has invariably pondered the effect the Sun has on the earth. From the most ancient times people dedicated to the Sun their best sagas and mythology and built resplendent shrines in it's honor. Man no longer has to rely on intuition alone to understand that his life is directly dependant on the ever changing subtle activities of the Sun. Professor Golovanov, a Russian biophysicist, says that the new horizons of science - cosmobiology, cosmic biorhythms - are beginning to reveal patterns of solar influence, resplendent in themselves, as they shoot through the fiber of life. Much of the pioneering work on the sun's impact in earth has been carried out in Professor Golovanov's own country, Russia.

Periodically, we on earth, are treated to dazzling displays of power even though some of us are not aware of it. We can observe this incandescence on a grand scale, as abrupt, gigantic flares explode on the Sun. Colossal torrents of energy, radiation and high speed particles blown out from the Sun stream towards us to affect earth's magnetic field and atmospheric electricity. These tremendous combusting flares are related to sunspots, which are huge spots or dark areas sometimes hundreds of million of square miles in size, periodically moving across the face of the Sun. Approximately every 11 1/2 years sunspot activity reaches a peak. After years of investigation it is our contention that this sunspot activity has a direct influence on the earth and human life. One of the first to ponder the question of sunspots was Dr. Alexander L. Chijevsky, a Russian historian. By a historian's very nature he is keenly interested in the seemingly cyclical nature of human events. Chijevsky was a bit different than most of his colleagues, as he was also curious about events on the distant Sun - namely sunspots. Eventually, he worked out a vast canvas of correlation (concerning the years 500 B.C. to 1900 A.D. inclusive) demonstrating that wars, revolutions, political unrest, migrations and epidemics all correlated with years of high sunspot activity.

According to Golovanov, "This marks the first time that a large amount of emperical data offering evidence of the inseparable unity of the solar-terrestorial mechanism was demonstrated to the scientific community." By the beginning of the 1930's, Dr. Chijevsky commenced a delicate investigation concerning the effects of the sun's radiation on the rhythms of nature. He discovered that outbreaks of disease among plants, animals or humans are examples of problems that develop with the changing cycling rythm of the Sun. He ascertained that cholera, diptheria, and typhoid all grow more virulent as the sun grows more active. Dr. Chijevsky soon found that other activities intensified as the solar eruptions increased. Experimentally he showed that intensive reproduction among certain bacteria peaked with the highs in solar activity. According to these fantastic statistics compiled by Dr. Chijevsky the sun's activities facilitate political upheaval. A familiar example would be the spectacular disturbances on the Sun in 1917. There were outer signs of tremendous nuclear processes within raging to extreme heights. At the same time, in Russia, revolution burst into the open to offset a century old order. Eruptions on the Sun do not necessarily cause a man to rush out and attempt an overthrow of his government. Yet, if unjust conditions should happen to exist they are incensed by the torrent of radiations from the Sun which incite events and confuse the leaders of the world.

Dr. Chijevsky's voluminous work was published in the uncertain decades following the Revolution. The idea that something as far away as the Sun would exert an influence on life on earth was enough to disturb the narrow-minded Marxists of the day. The vicious winnowing of the great Soviet purges swept with intensely mounting energy from 1927 to 1939 - years of greatest activity for sunspots. Through the ignorance and foolishness of the Soviet leaders, Dr. Chijevsky was exiled and sentenced to Siberia. This incredibly brilliant man was to die free, but he was not to have more than a few years of life out of confinement. Finally with Krushchev firmly in power Chijevsky emerged, fully rehabilitated by the state.


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