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{Artes em Web} A Place You Feel Wonder Feel Of Saxophone – CD Duplo [2007]

Lista das músicas

CD 1
01.My True Elegancy
02.Am I The One You Love Me
03.Half Of Heart
04.Love Of Sea
05.My Dear Baby
06.You Dont Understand Me Actually
07.Tell Me Why
08.Where Is My Home
09.Lonely Seventeen
10.Loving The One Who Wouldnt Be Home
11.Pure Poatry
12.Wandering Heart

CD 2
01.Beautiful Patio
02.Night Piece
03.My Heart In My Dreams
04.Vanity Of The Flying Over The Trees
05.Good Lifetime
06.River Clouds
07.Wind And Coffee
08.Seeing You Again
09.Varity Of The Boundless World
10.A Piece Of Clouds
11.Silent Shout
12.Dimly Night

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